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Auto forum talks of dangers from drugged driving (OH)

Drugged driving is an increasing threat in northwest Ohio and across the country, but harder to identify and prosecute than alcohol, law enforcement a... Read More »

Colorado marijuana DUIs drop, but officials still concerned (CO)

The number of citations for driving while under the influence of marijuana dropped by 33.2 percent in the first quarter of 2017 compared with the same... Read More »

Lawmakers consider mandatory jail time for felony DUI offenders (CO)

Under Colorado law, a person caught driving drunk more than three times is charged with a felony. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll serve ... Read More »

Colorado Supreme Court upholds state’s DUI laws (CO)

The Colorado Supreme Court has upheld the state’s drunken driving statutes in three cases that had warrantless blood draw evidence thrown out by low... Read More »

Uber may face $1 million fine over California drunken-driving complaints (CA)

Uber's popular ride-sharing network has repeatedly failed to promptly suspend and investigate its California drivers when passengers report them drivi... Read More »

24/7 sobriety bill heads to Branstad’s desk (IA)

The Iowa Senate gave final approval Wednesday to a bill that could require drivers arrested or convicted of being impaired while behind the wheel in I... Read More »

Nevada marijuana DUI law has no basis in science (NV)

Nevada’s marijuana DUI limit for drivers can put users in violation of the law even if they are not impaired. No one wants impaired drivers on Nevad... Read More »

‘Annie’s Law’ requiring Breathalyzers in cars of convicted drunk drivers goes into effect (OH)

The Ohio law that requires people convicted of driving drunk to have in-car Breathalyzers goes into effect Thursday. "Annie's Law," named after 36-yea... Read More »

Drugged driving growing safety worry (OH)

Eating or texting while driving remain safety problems, but area motorists now view drugged drivers — those under the influence of legal or illegal ... Read More »

Committee Approves Trio of Drunken Driving Bills (WI)

An Assembly committee has approved three Republican bills that would impose stiffer penalties and ignition interlock requirements for drunken drivers.... Read More »