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Study finds average DUI offender has BAC more than double legal limit (CO)

Driving under the influence in Colorado could come with an even heftier price tag than originally thought, according to numbers released last week by ... Read More »

Fatalities caused by drugged drivers soar (WI)

Wisconsin's opioid epidemic is driving an increase in motorists who are impaired behind the wheel. State Department of Transportation officials estima... Read More »

‘Annie’s Law,’ requiring OVI offenders to pass breathalyzer, heads to governor’s desk (OH)

A proposed Ohio law requiring OVI offenders to pass a Breathalyzer before driving is moving forward. The state Senate Tuesday unanimously approved Ann... Read More »

New Bill Proposed To Combat ‘Drugged Driving’ (CA)

Lackey, who represents portions of the SCV as the 36th District representative, is a former 28-year veteran of the California Highway Patrol. “Calif... Read More »

Pot plays starring role in new state campaign addressing DUIs (CA)

The gathering outside Sacramento’s Memorial Auditorium on Tuesday had the hallmark of most holiday season safe driving events: A gaggle of public sa... Read More »

New Ky. bill would target ‘drugged driving’ cases (KY)

Motorists suspected of operating a vehicle under the influence of heroin or opioids should lose their driving privileges, according to one Kentucky st... Read More »

New law to think about during the holiday season (CA)

During the holiday season, we all look forward to getting together with family and friends for good cheer and food. Tragically, some people decide it ... Read More »

Loopholes close in Washington DUI law (WA)

A loophole in Washington state law that was recently closed will make it harder for convicted DUI drivers to get behind the wheel. And that pleases st... Read More »

Marijuana-impaired driving case speaks to need for ‘urgent’ drug law, DA says (MA)

The Suffolk County district attorney is calling for lawmakers to address marijuana-impaired driving following a fatal car accident last summer in whic... Read More »

Shaquille O’Neal: ‘Tis the season to crack down on impaired drivers (US) 11

The holidays are a time for celebration. The annual office party, a bash at a friend’s house and big family events are gatherings filled with food, ... Read More »