Alcohol Quiz

1. 'BAC' stands for blood alcohol content. True or False? » 2. Alcohol is a stimulant drug. True or False? » 3. Carbonation increases alcohol absorption. True or False? » 4. Some foods can absorb alcohol. True or False? » 5. Since 0.08% is the illegal limit in every state, I can drive safely after drinking so long as my BAC is ≤ 0.08%. True or False? » 6. Alcohol affects men and women differently. True or False? » 7. There are ways to sober up quickly such as: cold showers, eating bread or drinking coffee. True or False? »
False, it stands for blood alcohol “concentration.” – Content refers to the amount of alcohol in your body, whereas “concentration” refers to the ratio of alcohol to blood.
False, it is actually a depressant drug.
True, it speeds it up.
False, food might delay alcohol absorption, but not prevent it from being absorbed into the bloodstream.
False, just because you are lower than the per se limit, it does not mean that you are not intoxicated and cannot be arrested.
True, body weight and differences in muscle content impact the rate alcohol is metabolized in the body.
False, time is the only way alcohol is removed from the body.