Bill to install ignition interlock devices for DUI convictions passes Assembly committee (NJ)

A bill designed to reduce the amount of drunken driving incidents has passed the New Jersey Assembly Appropriations Committee. The bill would mandate ... Read More »

Agency announces backing of first-time DUI Offender Ignition Interlock measure (NV)

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States Reconsider Driver’s License Suspensions for People With Drug Convictions (US)

When Shane Bradwell got out of jail in 2011, he knew he would have a hard time getting a job, so he decided to start a house-painting business. But he... Read More »

Marijuana becomes legal in Maine (ME)

Maine on Monday became the eighth state in the nation to allow adults over the age of 21 to possess and consume marijuana for recreational purposes. M... Read More »

As More Voters Legalize Marijuana, States Left With Regulatory Hurdles (US)

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Mass. legislators continue to debate about marijuana legalization (MA)

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Valley parents rally to pass ‘Joe’s Law’ in memory of their teen son (AZ)

The parents of a teen boy killed in a car crash hope that the passage of "Joe's Law" will change the way deadly accidents are handled, and will save o... Read More »

Felony DUI Bill Gets Legislative Committee Approval (WA)

The Washington Senate Law and Justice Committee on Wednesday approved legislation that targets repeat offenders of the state’s driving while impaire... Read More »

Lawmakers Propose Legal Marijuana Limit For Drivers (AR)

Arkansas lawmakers have proposed a bill setting the legal limit of medical marijuana while driving. Five nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood will... Read More »

Can Sobriety Tests Weed Out Drivers Who’ve Smoked Too Much Weed? (US)

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