Drunk drivers think twice when faced with threat of ignition interlock device (US)

Drunk drivers are less likely to get behind the wheel if they know a conviction will require them to blow into a breath-testing device every time they... Read More »

Utah may lower the legal alcohol limit to .05% — a first in the nation (UT)

If a tough new proposal in Utah becomes law, just a few drinks — or even a few swigs — could put you over the limit for drunk driving. An effor... Read More »

Ohio troopers add anti-drug effort to traffic safety mission (OH)

The Ohio State Highway Patrol says the agency’s new anti-drug emphasis is paying off with record seizures of heroin, opiates and other illegal subst... Read More »

California bill would ban cannabis use while driving (CA)

Newly introduced legislation seeks to ban behavior not addressed by California’s new pot law: Toking while driving. It’s currently illegal to have... Read More »

State creates app to help combat impaired driving (NY)

Multiple state agencies are encouraging New Yorkers to utilize the STOP-DWI “Have a Plan” app during the holiday weekend. The app, created in part... Read More »

No Widely Accepted Way To Test Marijuana Impairment In Drivers (MA)

The recreational marijuana law that takes effect Thursday does not propose any changes to existing penalties for driving under the influence. It's... Read More »

NMDOT Unveils Campaign to Highlight Dangers of Over-serving Alcohol (NM)

The New Mexico Department of Transportation unveiled a campaign that highlights the dangers of over-serving alcohol – for both patrons and bartender... Read More »

Minnesota legislators say they’ll introduce bill over location-tracking ignition systems (MN)

A bipartisan group of Minnesota legislators says the state’s use of location-tracking data from ignition interlock devices in the cars of drunken-dr... Read More »

Pot-impaired driving alarms raised in wake of marijuana task force report (CAN)

The federal task force on legalizing marijuana says the Liberal government must launch a public awareness blitz and boost spending on police training... Read More »

Study finds average DUI offender has BAC more than double legal limit (CO)

Driving under the influence in Colorado could come with an even heftier price tag than originally thought, according to numbers released last week by ... Read More »