Community Outreach

AAA has long supported efforts to reduce alcohol-related injuries and deaths, including supporting the “zero tolerance” legislation in the 1990s. AAA is currently expanding this effort to include impairment from substances other than alcohol. The Association’s efforts focus on two key areas: education and legislation. AAA produces a number of educational materials and programs designed to increase awareness among children and adults.

Examples of AAA alcohol-impaired activities include but are not limited to are:

  • Expanding public awareness of impaired-driving around holidays and other events.
  • Working with state and local Police Departments/Traffic Safety and Highway Safety departments to distribute alcohol-awareness literature.
  • Partnering with law enforcement in sponsoring special campaigns such as Under Age-Over the Limit.
  • Offering “Tipsy Tow” or “Tow-to-Go” programs during major holidays and Superbowl weekend – it’s free, no questions asked, and available to members and non-members alike.
  • Holding Mocktail Mix-Off contests annually to generate zero-proof recipes which are widely disseminated. Mocktails are non-alcoholic drinks meant as alternatives to alcoholic cocktails.
  • Working with high school teens to:
    • Host Youth Traffic Safety Conferences
    • Host Mock DUI Trials with Municipal Judges
    • Distribute alcohol-awareness brochures to driver education classes
  • Exhibiting at health fairs, high schools and other community-based activities, to discuss effects and dangers of drinking and driving.
  • Working with local MADD chapters to run poster contests in middle and high schools.
  • Educating consumers about the potential risks associated with medications and driving.
  • Facilitating policy summits at the state level to engage stakeholders in a coordinated approach to tackling the issue of substance impaired driving.
  • Collaborating with Drug Recognition Experts coordinators at the state level to identify areas of opportunity for engagement for AAA clubs.

Participation in these activities varies so check with your local AAA club to learn which of these efforts are supported in your community.