As members of the criminal justice system, judges are impartial administrators of the law. Judges who preside over drunken driving cases need to be equipped with specific information about the challenges often faced by the judiciary as a drunken driver moves through the criminal justice system.

The revolving door, as it is often called, refers to the continued exploitation of the legal system by repeat offenders.  A top priority for AAA is to provide the information needed by judges to help close legal loopholes often exploited by attorneys representing drunken drivers, while still protecting the rights of the accused.

AAA recommends that users of DUI Justice Link conduct a thorough review of general content descriptions and executive summaries provided in each of the core content areas: Detection, Evidence, Procedures, and Sanctions. Subsequently, this website may serve you best as a reference guide for use during cases involving a drunken driver.

Current content will be updated as necessary (e.g. statistics, state laws, etc.), and new information and resources will be added as it becomes available.  The core content of AAA DUI Justice Link is available in PDF format for your use while on the bench.

To download the Bench Book, please judges-bench-book.