Ignition interlock devices for first-time DUI offenders could be coming to Nevada (NV)

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AAA Brings “Tall Cop” Drug Expert To Virginia Highway Safety Summit (VA)

Internationally renowned drug and alcohol expert Jermaine Galloway, aka “The Tall Cop,” will train local law enforcement officials and transportat... Read More »

New DUI law signed by Brownback (KS)

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Nevada’s new DUI marijuana testing is improvement but still poses concerns (NV)

The state of Nevada is poised to mandate the use blood tests and eliminate urine tests in DUI convictions for marijuana. Although Washoe County alread... Read More »

California Readies Drugged-Driving Tests as Legal Pot Looms (CA)

Last week, Olivehurst, California, resident Joseph Bresnyan, 40, stopped to change a flat tire on Interstate 80 near the Sacramento suburb of Rosevill... Read More »

Lawmakers passed bill that’ll make DUI drivers wear an ankle bracelet (HI)

State lawmakers passed a bill that would make drivers arrested for DUI wear an ankle bracelet in order to be released from jail. The alcohol monitorin... Read More »

Senator vexed by Washington state’s lax felony DUI law (WA)

Washington state’s relatively weak felony DUI laws are about to get tougher. A near-dead bill that would make a fourth DUI a felony in our state ... Read More »

Auto forum talks of dangers from drugged driving (OH)

Drugged driving is an increasing threat in northwest Ohio and across the country, but harder to identify and prosecute than alcohol, law enforcement a... Read More »

Colorado marijuana DUIs drop, but officials still concerned (CO)

The number of citations for driving while under the influence of marijuana dropped by 33.2 percent in the first quarter of 2017 compared with the same... Read More »

Lawmakers consider mandatory jail time for felony DUI offenders (CO)

Under Colorado law, a person caught driving drunk more than three times is charged with a felony. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll serve ... Read More »